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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Thrifty Treasure Finds

I am the lover of a good deal, sale, bargain, etc. I get a terrible pain in my head if I am not allowed to stop at a thrift, resale, garage sale, flea market, antique get the picture. Okay, so I will post pictures when I remember to take some. I love to write, but don't always remember to illustrate!

Right now I have a few items that I still need to put away, sell on ebay or etsy, or do a little prettying up to. My garage currently contains: a cast iron bed (for My Girl's room). This was a freebie from my neighbor's garbage.

A buffet that needs to be sanded and painted for my dining room. I bought it late in the fall and it was too cold outside to paint it properly. It's nice now, so I will be working on it soon.

Bags of treasures that include: crystal plates, pressed glass plates, glass corn plates, a silver pineapple tray (that's right I am from Hawaii), a pressed glass tall dish, a blue small pedestal dish, a pier one frame, and other things that I really don't remember at this moment.

Today at the Salvation Army I found a tacky hula girl statue, but I have plans for her. You'll have to wait and see. A milk glass plate, some wire baskets, a table runner for my antique pedal sewing machine that I got at a garage sale for $20, a game for My Little Guy, and (my best find) pink depression glass salt and pepper shakers for 75 cents!

The best part of the whole Salvation Army (or as I have heard some people pronounce it Salivation Army; eww, I bet people do salivate on some of that stuff) shopping experience was the woman on the phone talking the entire time. She was having a vivid conversation about her divorce and how much it was costing her every time she went to court and every other word was the F word. I was laughing the whole time. My kids weren't there...pheww. Don't worry, I wasn't eavesdropping. I could hear her very clearly from three rows over!

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