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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Thrifty Deals

Friday was my highly successful garage sale day. Here's what I got...

Tall case with 5 pull-out baskets $7, small 3 legged table FREE (it pays to chit chat with people, I was looking at this and she said, "If you want that, you can just have it," so I took it), on the top of the case silver pitcher $1, Pottery Barn beeswax candle 50 cents, floral plate 25 cents.

On the little table top: every single thing was 25 cents each. There is a little vintage tea pot, a glass decanter, glass rooster, 3 biscuit cutters, a hand painted vintage pitcher, 2 planters, a decorative bird statue, and a statue of two children (this one is made in Occupied Japan). All that for $2.25.

white shelf was $2 and the little vintage red case with white polka dots was $1. On the bottom shelf of the little table, is a milk glass plate $1, a pewter vase $1.50, a milk glass salt and pepper grinder $1, a vintage music box stein 25 cents, some wood shims 25 cents, a blue and white vintage scarf $1, and the green photo box on the ground was 50 cents.

Also on the ground is a box of old sewing notions for $3. I found a vintage advertising piece in the box that sells on ebay for more than that. My very favorite find is an old Italian wine bottle. That's right, the kind they sell at Pottery Barn for $99 and up. Got mine for $7!

Oops, I forgot a few things. This was a vintage strawberry shortcake tray for 50 cents, mug for 25 cents, and candle for 10 cents. The white ceramic basket was $2 and the melon baller inside was 50 cents. The 12 metal molds were 75 cents and the old milk bottle was 25 cents. The frisbee, which will be destroyed by the dog in one play session, and the decorative bead strand was free.

I would call it a highly successful day. Total for everything: $33.85 I'm sure I will make most of that back on ebay from a couple of those items.

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  1. yeah!! love all your treasures :) I love a good sale--cheers

  2. You did sooooooo good and love that free stuff. Love to chat with the seller and you never know what you can take off thier hands for FREE! Have a great week, Vicky

  3. I like your stuff! great prices and I know you will have fun finding places for everything.

  4. So much treasure! I love those wicker drawers and the vintage strawberry shortcake!

  5. Lucky you! Love that strawberry shortcake mug!

  6. Ha! I bet someone crafty cold make a cool wreath out of all those tattooed baby arms.

  7. Hi Shevon!

    Love that basket case! Thanks for stopping by!

    love, kelee

  8. Wow what a loot! That surely was one succesful thrifting day! Have fun playing with your new treasures.

  9. Looks like quite the jackpot!