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Sunday, February 28, 2010

I Love the Way You Wrap a Sandwich

In one of my very first posts, I mentioned the fact that one of the reasons My Copper fell in love with me was because of the way I wrap a sandwich. No, he's not crazy, but I might be a touch particular.

Don't get me wrong. I am not particular about a lot. Only the way food sits on my plate, how towels are folded, and a couple of other things. My house is in constant disarray. You will never make a pop-in at my house and find things immaculate, in any organized state, or even close to what I consider presentable. I just seem to find other things to do that I find far more interesting than cleaning. I start, but get easily distracted. There is always a magazine to read, facebook to post on, a blog to write, a book that can't be put down, a child's butt, nose, or mouth to wipe, dinner to be cooked, snow to be shoveled, a garden to tend to, web surfing to be done...okay, I'll stop here. I think you get the picture. I find anything, good or bad to do, better than cleaning.

I was raised in a family of clutter bugs, pack rats, whatever you would like to call them. I try my best, but blood is strong and, unfortunately, environment even stronger. I consider myself nowhere close to some of my family. In fact, that is another excuse. Viewing my family's clutter makes my house look pristine. This leads to my sandwich wrapping style which was probably developed out of the inability to control clutter and chaos as a child (in my Dr. Head Shrink opinion). Yes, there were times I would de-clutter a room and find it re-cluttered shortly after. There was one other affliction that may have been associated with my need for a neat sandwich.

As a young child I had the blessing of a weak stomach and every fish market in Hawaii was blessed by me. In other words, the fish market doors would open, I would step in, take a whiff, and someone would need to fetch a mop and disinfectant. Smells, another person throwing up, and seeing messy food would make me sick. I even have written proof. I have a kindergarten report card that says, "Shevon's vomiting has improved. It seems to be related to seeing messy food." I don't know if the "vomiting has improved" meant that I got better at it or did it less! In Hawaii elementary school included full day kindergarten and this meant you ate lunch at school. I might add, a great lunch for only a quarter back then. When you were done with your lunch, you took your tray to the cafeteria line, and emptied your leftovers into a hole. If I mistakenly looked into this black hole of a mixture of everyone's half consumed lunch, I would get sick to my stomach. Ewww, I am getting that feeling at the back of my throat just thinking about this.

So, as for the wrapping sandwiches. When I was dating my husband, we would sometimes pack a lunch and go to the zoo or a park. He stated that one of the reasons he fell in love with me was the way I wrapped a sandwich. I always, always, always wrap a sandwich in waxed paper. I place the sandwich in the middle, fold the top and bottom in to the center, fold the sides in to form a triangle, and fold the triangles backward, then it goes into a fold over the top plastic baggie. Particular? Yes. Strange? Maybe in your mind. In my mind, keeps everything in the sandwich where it should be. You do not open your sandwich with meat, cheese, condiments, lettuce, etc. all over the place. That's right. No peanut butter smeared on the edge of the plastic bag. It also keeps your hands clean when you may not have easy access to a water source. I don't want to 1) put my sandwich back together if it's messy when I can't wash my hands before and 2) I don't want pb&j or mayonnaise all over my hands when I can't wash them after. Okay, a little strange, but that's me. I am still, to this day, not quite sure why My Copper liked it so much. Every time I ask him he says, "I don't know. It's just kinda cool."

Is this my only odd eating habit? No. The other day we were out at breakfast and My Copper asked me why I was putting ketchup ON my potatoes. That's right ON my potatoes. You see I am a dipper. Nothing gets saturated with condiments. I dip; therefore, I am. But, on this rare occasion, the potatoes were crunchy enough that they could withstand the ketchup's wrath and were worthy of getting a direct ketchup attack. I know that every single thing I do has thought put into it. If the potatoes had ketchup on them, they would get mushy, since the potatoes were extra crunchy, they wouldn't. My husband always asks me if my brain ever shuts off. Nope, never, ever. It's a curse I say, a curse. Maybe I am a little odd.