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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Our newest addition. Well, we've had him for a while. I just haven't posted anything in a while. His name is Breckin and he has a weird, scratch your head type of background story.

First let me say that he is beautiful and big. He has that huge face, stocky barrel chest, and the thickest, spongiest ears.

His story goes like this: we got him from another K9 handler who was training him to be a drug detection dog. He failed because he was too mouthy, in other words, he put everything in his mouth. Anyway, he was sent down to our friend from someone who owns a training facility in another state. He got to this training facility from a rescue group.

Now, here is where the story gets strange. My question was, "Why isn't he fixed?" That is usually the very first things rescues do. The story goes that Breckin was supposedly the pet of a wealthy family and he came from some very prestigious line of Scottish Goldens. The family decided that they wanted to travel more and didn't have time for him, so they gave him to the rescue. When the rescue saw his lineage they did not have him neutered. I thought this was all a bunch of hooey, but when we got his medical paperwork, he did come from a rescue.

Oh well, he may be from distinguished lineage, but he's just one of the commoners now living with us.