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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Travel Paranoia

The recent passing of a blogger from Hinsdale, Marija of Holding Court got me pondering life. Marija was a beautifully stylish woman who I did not know at all. She was killed in an accident outside of Atlanta on an antiquing trip last Saturday. She was at the Eddie Ross event I recently attended. I noticed her because she had that look to her...the one we all envy. That casually elegant style. The one I will never be able to achieve unless I grow another 8 inches, but even then I would need to lose a few more pounds. I am extremely short for my weight.

Marija leaves behind her husband and two young children. When I hear of tragedies like this I cannot help but ponder my own life and existence. Each time My Copper and I go on a date night, I worry that if something happened to the two of us, our children would be left orphaned. Yes, My Oldest could take care of the younger two, maybe. I would love to go on a mini vacation with My Copper, but again...what if the plane crashed?

This doesn't seem to bother me when we are all traveling together. I know I am not the only mother on earth that has these concerns. I am guessing that once My Girl and My Little Guy are older and more self sufficient, I will be more apt to go on trips with My Copper. It's strange, but I don't seem to worry about My Oldest when he is not with us. I think that constant concern and worry for him diminished when he was away at college. When he was in high school, I knew when he got home and if he was late, I would worry. When he was away at college, I had no clue about where he was and when he got home which resulted in blissful ignorance.

Anyway, just my thoughts. I wish Marija's family peace.

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