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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Craptastic Garage Sale

Doing a pop-in post. Getting ready for my garage sale this Friday and Saturday. I really despise having them, but I have too many large items to get rid of. 2 coffee tabes, a console table, an end table, an armoire, a large dresser and mirror, and loads of accumulated crap. Ha, ha, crap.

Reminds me...My Girl is a sweetie. She is a good girl, although recently a bit more moody. In any case, she has always, always, always been my easy child. She never likes when people argue; it bothers her. But, back to Crap. It is one of my go-to words. What is all this crap? That's crappy. Oh, Crap. Just a few of my well known go-to outbursts. So, one day our conversation goes like this:

Bad Mouth Mama: "I gotta get rid of all this crap."

My Girl: "You know, Mom, I really don't like that word."

Bad Mouth Mama: "What word? Crap?"

My Girl: "Yes, I just don't like it."

Bad Mouth Mama: "Really, you don't like crap? Why is it too crappy for you? Oh, crap. I said it again didn't I? Does it make you crappy?"

She says nothing just rolls her eyes and giggles. That's how the crap rolls around here. Hmmm, maybe I should list my garage sale as the Craptastic Garage Sale!


  1. This reminds me of when I was a foul-mouthed high school girl and tried to tone done my cursing during a friend's youth group beach trip. I let "Shit" slip then said, "Oh Shit, I said Shit" completely earnest and unintentionally.

    I've tamed the cursing tendencies tremendously since then...

    Your blog is now PG-13 Rated.

  2. Hahahaha! That is too cute!

    Eddie & Jaithan