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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Walt Disney World

My children and I were talking about last year's trip to DisneyWorld. Ahhh, I am a total Disneyland and Disneyworld lover. I told my children that each and every time I walk into the Magic Kingdom and see this

Mickey head made from flowers, I AM INSTANTLY HAPPY! Not just a little happy. I am giggly, five-year-old happy. I could skip right under the bridge and take a picture with the first character I see. This has happened to me since the first time I went to Disneyland when I was five years old. Each time I returned seeing the Mickey flower head triggered all my joyous Snow White, Pirates of the Caribbean,and Haunted Mansion anticipation. My dream is to go there without kids. Well, I did that once, but they don't know. But, it was a convention and I wasn't there very long, really, really.

It is just amazing the joy that comes with the magical world of Disney. Walt Disney was brilliant. Where else in the world can you have everything appear to be perfect and happy. Where else are there princesses, pirates, and Pooh; Donalds, Mickeys, and Nemos? Where else can you go on a safari one day, visit a dozen different countries the next, and go on a backlot movie studio tour?

Where else causes children to exhibit unnatural moments of extreme happiness? Here is the proof:

Where else can you go and have your kids look like this at the end of the trip?

AND, where else does your husband smile when his wallet ends up like this?

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