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Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011

This year for our Halloween party we were debating about what me and My Copper would be. For some reason he really wanted one of those fake tattoo shirts. So, first we were thinking bikers, but then he decided to do the convict route. Used a coupon for the tattoo shirt which brought the price to only about $13, orange convict outfit free, and doo rag for his head $1.86 at Walmart.

As for me I decided that I would be his lovely lunch lady, Myrtle. I already had the apron from last year and touched up with ketchup, mustard, and worcestershire, it worked. Made myself a nametag on the computer. Found my beautiful dress for $4.99 at the Salvation Army. Unfortunately, Goodwill only offered dresses that were too nice for the lunch lady. Got some reading glasses and a lovely holder at the dollar store. I just took out the lenses for the glasses. Oh, and I added some lovely earrings from Salvation Army as well. I had one of My Copper's socks up and one slouched down and a hairnet. Just add in some very blue eyeshadow, thick eyebrow pencil, and a homemade wart drawn with a brown pencil with a black hair coming out of it drawn with black eyeliner.

The funniest thing was I left for work dressed like this and My Copper said, "Ew, where did you get that hair?" When I came home he said, "That hair is still in the wart?" He thought I had somehow gotten an eyelash and glued it onto the wart.

Even funnier, I stopped at the grocery store in full costume. No one said a word to me about my costume. I purposely talked to people and not one said anything about my costume. I guess they thought I really was a lunch lady. Scary!

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